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Pavement Deicing and Anti-Icing

Pavement Deicing and Anti-Icing: Up to Date Chemicals and Practices is a 26 page eBook that discusses all practical aspects of the types of snow and pavement conditions, the purpose and use of chemicals, the importance of the evaluation of pavement temperature, prewetting, anti-icing, various chemicals and their functional and eutectic temperatures, abrasives and their drawbacks and uses, salt abrasive mixtures.



1: Types of Snow and Pavement Condition
2: The Purpose and Use of Chemicals
3: Pavement Temperature
4: Prewetting
5: Anti-icing
6: Chemicals and their functioning temperatures
7: Abrasives
8: Prewetting Abrasives
9: Salt Abrasive Mixtures
10: Environmental Issues


  • Deicing Application Rate Guidelines
  • Resources and Links
  • Manufacturer's Websites
  • Definitions


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